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Featured Event

Return Of Boom Bap flyer 2.jpeg

Return of the Boom Bap

Date:  Feb 18, 2022

Location:  Pyramid Scheme (68 Commerce Ave SW)

Cost:  $10 pre-sale, $15 at the door

Time:  8pm-1am

Description:  Grand Rapids Hip Hop icon and OG Sixman returns to his hometown for a long overdue display of rap prowess.  Sixman has been rocking stages in the USA and abroad for 20 years and worked with the likes of DJ Premier, El Da Sensei, Pete Rock, Statik Selektah, Black Milk, The Alchemist, and many more.  

He is joined by some of Grand Rapids finest boom bap powerhouses in the Fist Coalition, Alfie Da Great and DJs ILL One and Monk Matthaeus who will be spinning only the dopest boom bap rap from Grand Rapids and beyond.  

Special guests TBA.

Bboys will be in full effect and don't be surprised when you see the stage littered with graffiti.  This show is sure to be a representation of all of Hip Hop's core artistic elements.  

Get your
tickets early to be sure you experience RETURN OF THE BOOM BAP!

Back to the 90s Had Bodies Sweating 

The Pyramid Scheme was the place to be in Grand Rapids, MI on the evening of Black Friday 2021.  The DJs were in full effect dropping rap heavy classic 90s joints that had pajama wearing fans on the dance floor sweating out the drinks of the night.  DJ Super Dre started the night out with underground jams from Wu-Tang to Nas getting heads bobbin' and ready for the mutha%&$#in' ruckus that was about to go down on the floor.  DJ Composition stepped in and took it down the West Coast lane with Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube.  Then DJ Snax stepped up the energy and had them feet moving to the floor.  Form there on out, it was on.  The DJ trio stayed true to their mission by keeping it 90s and keeping folks vibing with hands in the air.  Auto Pilot was your host and always keeps the crowd engaged in authentic Hip Hop call and response fashion.

The crew sported long sleeve t-shirts to show their support of the movement.

Don't miss the next Back the 90s Dance Party.  These DJs know what you like and how to make you move.

Monk 11/28/2021


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Hustle. Pray.  Eat.  Keep It Simple

Grand Rapids, MI is one of the nation's most influential Hip Hop communities when it comes to Christian Hip Hop music.  The Edge Urban Church has produced a number of Christian emcees that are well known across the country and has helped to start a number of businesses alongside its parishioners. One of those businesses is the apparel company, Hustle Pray Eat.  

Hustle Pray Eat hosted their first annual "Urban Leadership Conference" October 29-30, 2021 at The Edge Urban Church.  Hustle Pray Eat apparel is the brainchild of Mark Evans aka "Mark The Baddguy" and the co-founder and lead pastor of The Edge, Troy Evans aka "PE".  

I was able to attend some of the conference and ask Mark Evans a few questions:

Monk:  What prompted the creation of the HPE Urban Leadership Conference:

Mark The Baddguy:  In early 2020, we decided Hustle Pray Eat is a brand that motivates and our content, media, and now apparel will focus on motivating people to work hard, seek God and invest in yourself and others. After concerts and Hustle Pray Eat The Podcast, the team decided to combine the content and media and  teach Leadership principals to anyone that identifies with HPE.

Monk:  Do you feel like you accomplished your goals for the conference?

Mark The Baddguy:  Absolutely! We really brought people together in likemindedness with people who believe in what HPE stands for. Some were paying attendees, some were artists, some were speakers, and so on. Everyone knew what HPE meant. When you have a baseline that’s understood, the level of content you can share is through the roof!

Monk:  In what ways would you like to expand on the conference next year?

Mark The Baddguy:  Definitely focusing on our current generation. We got together as many people as we could but I believe that this was just a great introduction and invitation for next year. 

Monk:  As a member of a self proclaimed "Hip Hop Church", how do you think you can reach the Hip Hop community more effectively for next years's conference?

Mark The Baddguy:  
Here’s your invite Hip Hop.  You know about the Hustle. Maybe better than anyone. You work hard but it may only land you in terrible spots. We’ve been down that road. But we recovered. We took everything we learned from the industry and the streets and brought it together to never “Hustle Backwards”, start a business, make a life plan, create connections. Hustle Pray Eat the Conference is centered around urban leadership training and equipping the family, mind, body, and spirit.

For more information on The Edge Urban Church or Hustle Pray Eat visit:



Featured Events

Sixman - Wasted mixer flyer.jpeg

Return of the Boom Bap Industry Mixer
Date:  2/16/2022

Location:  Wasted (720 Curve S.W.  Grand Rapids, MI 49503)

Time: 7-11pm

Description:  All area emcees, DJs, Bboys/Bgirls, Graffiti Writers, Producers, creatives, and lovers of culture and progress, you are welcomed and encouraged to come out and chop it up with internationally acclaimed recording artist Sixman.  DJ Seven Eights will be on the 1s and 2s and you will also be able to chop it up with the heavy hitting Grand Rapids bread artists Fist Coalition and Alfie Da Great.  Hosted by Wasted Brand Clothing so cop that dope gear while you are there.


Pop Up Shop

Date:  2/17/2022
Location:  Vertigo Music (129 Divison Ave S Grand Rapids, MI 49503)

Time:  3:00-6:30pm

Description:  Come out to Vertigo Music for a meet and greet with internationally acclaimed recording artist Sixman.  DJ Monk Matthaeus will be on the 1s and 2s spinning.  Buy a record or 2 from the dopest record store in Grand Rapids and enjoy the sweets of Queen of Sweets as she is creating specially made treats exclusively for this event.  


Sixman - pop up Vertigo.jpeg

The 49507 Project

49507 Project logo.png

Brought to you by:

The Diatribe

The 49507 Project is a Black, Brown, Queer, and youth-led project rooted in collaboration to help make truly Public Art steered by the community where these pieces will live. This community art will utilize artists that are a reflection of those who have been underserved in The 49507 neighborhood.

For more information visit:


Meet the Artists was created for the Grand Rapids, MI Hip Hop community.  We desire to share your stories and bring awareness across the globe of the talent and history of Grand Rapids Hip Hop.  If you are an artist (Emcee, DJ, Producer, Bboy/Bgirl, Graff Writer), we want to help you tell your story.  

Check out the
Meet the Artists page and contact us for a chance to have Oxford Gang shoot your short informative video for our YouTube Channel.

We look forward to helping you tell your story.

Hip Hop Helps

Hip Hop Helps is a program created by and HopeDealersGR and is supported by the Hip Hop Association of Advancement and Education.  The program is designed to utilize our unique and powerful culture to engage with the community to provide help to individuals, families, and people groups with an immediate need.  This is done by throwing free Hip Hop events to raise money or collect goods donations.

Hip Hop Helps partners with area businesses and non profits to serve those in need.  If you wish to partner with us or have an idea for an event, please contact us.

Just Let Them Paint

Grand Rapids seems to have fallen in love with community art.  As a 70s baby who grew up in Grand Rapids and I can tell you, community art was definitely not a priority when I was a kid.  But times change and now the powers that be seem to be cool with it.  My personal take is we have a ways to go in regards to public art expression but that is another topic for another story.  For now, I'm just happy that street art is beginning to have a home in good'ol boy town, also known as, Grand Rapids, MI. 


We are watching graffiti writers come into there own in real time.  We may not be a Miami or Chicago when it come to street art but we are moving in the right direction. We can credit much of this street art movement to an area artist named Guillermo Sotelo aka Asma.  Asma has paid his dues and put in the hours and effort to make sure that street art, and more specifically "graffiti", has a place among the Grand Rapids street art scene.  Asma has spearheaded a project to bring a legal graffiti wall to Grand Rapids where any artist who wishes to bless the wall can.  Graff style or otherwise.  The wall is located behind Creston Brewery on Lafayette Ave NE near the intersection at Plainfield Ave NE.  I was able to have a question and answer session with Asma about the wall.

Monk:  Why did you feel it was necessary to get a legal graffiti wall approved by the city and how did you get it started?


Asma:  This space affords artists of all ages, skill levels and mediums the opportunity to fully express themselves on a public wall without the red tape and hoops of the city. Another facet of this project is to help make art and the arts more accessible to those who may otherwise not have (public) access to it. By providing a space where artists can create ‘micro-murals’, we also are providing an ever changing urban gallery for the community to access free of charge. 


This project was initiated by myself, a father of a young boy, who needed a space to practice my craft in a safe environment where I could also bring my son. The project was eventually brought to life by a joint effort between myself and Hannah Berry of Lions and Rabbits Center of The Arts.


Monk:  How do you feel "graffiti" can be good for a city? 


Asma:  Graffiti has such a rich and unique history and culture. Allowing graffiti writers and artists to use their environment to speak their truths through their craft can only make this city more vibrant.


Monk:  What is your short term goal with the wall?


Asma:  The short term goal is to get artists to regularly paint the wall to showcase this space as a utility for artists and as a family friendly space for creating.


Monk:  What is your long term goal with the wall?


Asma:  The long term is to get a legal wall in every neighborhood in the city and to also find a way to incorporate a supply sharing system similar to the ‘My Little Library’ project, where you can leave paint, brushes, excess supplies for the next artist. This furthers the mission to make art more accessible to more people. 

The art on the wall changes frequently so drive by and take a look each month.  And if you are so inclined, get out and paint yourself!